Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 ends and 2014 begins…. get your scissors ready!

Let me start by saying this…… NEVER did the ball drop at 12 AM Eastern time (that’s as long as I made it okay!) and think, “I’m gonna start a blog this year.”  Been there done that, but then my cousin, Emilee, over at the bird and the bicycle, challenged me on my Facebook page and I was game!?!?   Really?  I’m easily persuaded, okay!
Just know that I don’t do technology, though.  Tried a blog a few years ago and failed miserably!  (Confession:  I just turned in my Samsung Galaxy and returned to the iPhone because of failed attempts to understand the technology.  Or maybe it was the fact that that phone had WAY too many options for this girl to grasp.)  Also, didn’t know that there were blog writers and apps out there to make the blog life simpler.  So truthfully my cousin set everything up for me and gave some very helpful pointers to getting started.  How could I turn that offer down, right?!  Thanks Emilee!
So here we are with helping hands and surrounded by fabric.  Let me show you 2013 in a few pictures before I start plowing into 2014.


These were just some of the highlights…..Wow, kind of makes me look like I’ve been busy this last year!  2013, thanks for a great year.  Sewing machine's start your engine, 2014 is going to give us a run for our fabric!
There are so many sewing/craft projects I can’t wait to tackle….. just need to figure out where to start first. 
(In my next post I’ll lay out my tentative 2014 road map through fabric, scissors, paint and flowers.  Eek!  So excited!)

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